Provide soccer to the youth of the town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts

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DYSA kicks off Cancer Awareness Campaign

DYSA kicks off it Cancer Awareness Campaign


1) Pink Socks: Socks will be available by Friday for individuals and teams that want to purchase them. They are $5 a pair, and you can contact Michelle Sparks as indicated below.

Reminder: At the club level, the entire team must wear them or the entire team will not wear them. At the SCSL and recreational levels, that’s up to the specific coach.

2)      Bracelets: Pink plastic bracelets will be available next week, and we will sell them for $1.  Michelle Sparks will be the point of contact.  Reminder: players can’t wear these during matches….but they are a great way to show your support.  

3)      Goal Challenge:  This weekend, we are kicking off a voluntary fundraiser for Cancer Awareness Month.  Vipers and SCSL players that are interested can collect sponsors to donate for each goal that their team scores during the month of October of 2016.  A donation sheet is attached for each player to use.  We will ask team managers to report on who on their team is participating.  

4)      Juggling Challenge:  Later in the month of October we will coordinate a juggling challenge.  Vipers, SCSL, and rec players that are interested can collect sponsors to donate for each juggle that they can do at on a designated day.  More information on this will follow in the next week or so.   

Bracelets and socks will also be available for sale at DYSA on Saturdays during the rec program hours.  

Contact: Michelle Sparks - Email:  Cell:508-991-0074



by posted 09/29/2016
NE Revolution Partnership

The Vipers FC have partnered with the New England Revolution.

This gives the Vipers FC and all of DYSA programs the ability to help support our local MLS Revolution Team while also promoting soccer in our local community. It allows us the opportunity to acquire tickets at a discounted price with some proceeds of ticket sales going back to the Vipers FC as fundraising to help the Organization. This Partnership also offers Special events, Player access, Game Day amenities and Merchandise that our Organization Member Families can take advantage of.


If you are interested in purchasing Team event, Birthday Party event, Group, or individual ticket purchases, please contact Rick Martinez at


by posted 07/15/2016
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