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DYSA to offer Premier Soccer
by posted 09/21/2014


CONTACT: Mike Fernandes, President of DYSA


DYSA to offer Premier Soccer

DARTMOUTH, MA (September 2014) – Dartmouth Youth Soccer Association (DYSA) is pleased to announce that it will begin to offer Premier Soccer playing in Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE).  This historic decision was approved by a majority vote by the Board of Directors on September 18, 2014 as they celebrate the organization’s 30th anniversary.  In order to quickly enter into the MAPLE program DYSA has agreed to accommodate the existing teams from the Greater New Bedford Vipers who have agreed to dissolve as an organization after this Fall’s season.  The existing Vipers teams will be known as the Dartmouth FC Vipers starting Spring 2015 and Carlos Beloli, the Viper’s founder, has agreed to Chair the Dartmouth FC Vipers Committee for DYSA along with Mike Fernandes, DYSA President.  Carlos Beloli stated “DYSA is the right organization to continue what we started with the Vipers.  We feel that kids can have a great Premier soccer experience without paying thousands of dollars.  Vipers and DYSA teams all have volunteer coaches and keep their cost for players very low.  I see this being a great step forward for DYSA.” In order to accommodate the Dartmouth players and still create a very competitive MAPLE team, the goal will be that newly formed teams will have 51% of their roster from Dartmouth. 2014/15 Vipers rosters will be exempt from this rule. DYSA’s Tournament team efforts will now be abandoned and the Dartmouth FC Viper team will enter tournaments as they see fit.


“For years we have lost players to Club teams especially once the Dual Roster rule expires at U15. This in turn made it difficult to form teams after the U15 age group at DYSA.  With Premier teams, DYSA is now a complete program that accommodates all levels of soccer players.  This offering will allow us to keep Dartmouth players in Dartmouth.  At the U14 and below age groups my expectation is that our current South Coast Soccer League teams that compete for the much coveted MTOC championship will be even stronger since these teams will hopefully keep their 5-7 most talented players together on our Dartmouth FC Vipers Premier teams. I am a firm believer that the more the players play together the stronger the teams and those players will become.  Our 2014 Boys U15 team, who has now won an unprecedented 3 MTOC championships, is a great example of the success that can be had when the players stay playing together on the same team.  There were 5-6 players that played on the same Club teams together over the years.  Now our players can still stay together but with a Dartmouth FC Vipers shirt.”, said Mike Fernandes, the DYSA President.


DYSA will now offer the following programs for all levels of play:











Not playing in High School



SCSL Dartmouth FC



Players must play on a SCSL Recreational team (Dartmouth players on Dartmouth Rec.)








Dartmouth FC Vipers



Players must play on a SCSL Recreational team (Dartmouth players on Dartmouth Rec.)





U14 and lower players must play on a SCSL team (Dartmouth players on Dartmouth SCSL team)





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Home Town Advantage
by posted 08/28/2014

DYSA has been selected to participate in Buffalo Wild Wings Home Team Advantage Program for this fall season! Above is a  "Teammate Card" and every time we show this card at the sponsoring Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Dartmouth, they will donate 10% of the total bill (less promotional discounts and unless otherwise specified) back to DYSA.

Here is How the Program Works:

1. Bring your Teammate Card into your sponsoring restaurant, during your season. Details are on your card.

2. Show your card, on a mobile device or via printed copy, to your server and let them know you are part of the Home Team Advantage Program.

3. The server will add 10% of your total sales to your team’s running total. It’s that easy!

4. At the end of the season, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate the 10% of sales that your entire team generated throughout the season back to your team.

Buffalo Wild Wings believes that teamwork builds the foundation for a successful community and our goal is to help make your community the best place to live, work, play and dine. We want to help keep our community working and playing together.

Click Here for Full flyer

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