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Weekly Practice Scedule 4/23-4/27
Finalized Schedule for 4/23-4/27
A1 Neves Gr3 Fernades 5:30 Burdman Gr3B Franzese Gr2G  
A2   Rodriques Gr3 G 5:30PM Leary Gr5B    
Game # #35 Vipers Girls U10 5:30-6:45
Montez Gr5G
Game # 929 Girls Grade 4 D2 5:00-6:30
B2   Costa Gr6 G  
C1 Santos U15G 5-7PM Butter V U10G Gravato U10B Gr4B Rock Gr 5 6-7PM Roach Gr4 B
C2   Lemieux Gr6 B Pacheco U12 G V Stott U9V Catulo Gr4 B
D1   Stott U13V Gr7G U9V Gr3G 5:30-7:30pm Martinez U12B Gr6 5-6
Game # 241 Boys Grade 5 D1 5:30-7:05
Game # 820 Girls Grade 5 D2 5:30 - 7:05
D2 Rosa Gr12 B Mallowes Gr4 G 5PM Gioiosa U13 G 5-7PM
F1 Baptiste U17 V 6-7PM Bernardo U15G V Santos Gr8 G Long Gr12 T2 6:00-8PM Game # 636 Girls Grade 6 D1 5:30 - 7:05
F2 / E Couto Gr12B Chiquito U14V Freitas Gr12G T1 Chiquito U13B Araujo U14B 5:30-7:00

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DYSA Scholorship

DYSA is proud to offer an opportunity for graduating high school students that live in the Town of Dartmouth, to apply for DYSA Scholarships to further support their academic goals.

DYSA General Scholarship Application

DYSA Team Player Scholarship Award

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DYSA finds a home!

by posted 01/20/2018
Today's Field Status
Field A - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
Field A1 - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
Field A2 - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
Field B - Dartmouth TBD (4/25) 
Field B1 - Dartmouth TBD (4/25) 
Field B2 - Dartmouth TBD (4/25) 
Field C - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
Field D - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
Field E - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
Field F - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
Field G - Dartmouth OPEN (4/25) 
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