Youth soccer destination for the South Coast region.

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The purpose of the Dartmouth Youth Soccer Association is for the youth of Dartmouth to participate in an organized process of playing, learning and mastering the beautiful game of soccer where they will enjoy the sport for its ability to foster athleticism, self-confidence, cooperation, and sportsmanship in both recreational and competitive league matches.



  • Improve/maintain Facility/Grounds

  • Focus on Player/Coach development

  • Increase Volunteerism



     Short Term

     Soccer Wall (Bob Long/Joe Santos) Completed - Spring 2015

Field Improvements (Leffel Kirkman)

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Explore practice alternatives at Dartmouth Reg. Park and Trails and locations in NB


Volunteerism (Stacey Correia)

  • Create job roles and expectations and mechanism to increase the # volunteers, including providing incentives
  • DUE DATE: Summer 2016


Increase # BOD members (Mike Fernandes)

  • Three additional members achieved in 2013
  • Acquire volunteer to support concession stand.


Player Development (Ray Anderson/Craig DeMello)

  • Partnership with Sidekick Academy achieved in 2014
  • Viper Academy established in 2015


Well (Bob Long)

  • Lay out plan, costs, schedule for implementing a well - completed 2015
  • Water/Well requirement reassessment - 2016


Fundraising (TBD)

  • Add BOD member to lead this effort (look for volunteer with experience I this field)
  • Develop method of generating large amount of funds for large Capital Projects
  • Due Date: Fall 2016


Competitive Soccer (Mike Fernandes)

  • Make U8-U18 more attractive to Competitive Players - Viper Program -completed 2015
  • Create Metric to track retention of U15 and higher players
  • Due Date: Summer 2016

Long Term (Year 2-3)


Drainage (Leffel Kirkman)

  • Lay out plan, costs, schedule for implementing a drainage system


Additional Storage (Leffel Kirkman)

  • Look into a storage housing to host additional grounds equipment


DYSA Curriculum (Ray Anderson/Leffel Kirkman)

  • Put together the DYSA version of a curriculum to be used by all coaches at DYSA


Lighting (Bob Long/Carlos Freitas)

  • Lay out plan, costs, schedule for implementing the needed lighting for fields and parking lot
  • Includes working with NSTAR and the town of Dartmouth for permit, etc.


Plan created by DYSA BOD members 3/2012, Last Revised on 3/18/16